Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out of ruins and rubble...

so I'm feeling a little bit rusty getting back into this..i know its been a while the work monster is consuming my life!!

 My friend Nikki who is one of the illustrators at the company I work for introduced me to a new artist who's work is so incredibly awesome i may have dreams about ..not joking...

Ive been itching to share the stunning street art of Vhils-

By drilling,hacking, hammering scratching,painting Vhils sculpts his large scale portraits into the crumbling walls of neglected suburbia... There is something so hauntingly beautiful  about  the  black and white faces that stare out from the crumbling bricks and plaster...

One of my new favorites..make sure you check out the video  you'll like it.. i promise ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Double vision syndrome

If you wear glasses or consume as much alcohol as i do on the weekends you may find yourself getting some serious double vision syndrome....I'm sure you knowit, ..its that odd sensation where you know your focusing too hard, and everything starts to divide into two.... three.... four.

Double vision photography... is like staring through your grandmas glasses with a litre of vodka in your hand..yet unlike the "syndrome" it takes on a more natural almost unnoticeable approach at providing an overlay of images.

Hunted down here is Olivier Morris'  works featuring the "double vision syndrome"(well that's what I'm calling it anyway....

Monday, October 17, 2011

H is for... HUNTING!

Nothing ordinary about my friday morning Chia!
 I step into stimulatte for my usual coffee break on the way to the gallery...and  hunt down the artist of some insane art !

Welcome to the creative world of ANYA BROCK!!
From her geometric wall murals to her droopy eyed dream girls This artist/Illustrator's of colour  and unusual angles are what made me fall in love at first sight.

Keep your eyes out for this chick...HUNT her work down at STIMULATTE/BIVOUVAC CANTEEN &BAR and here anyabrock.blogspot.com or here: Facebook

Monday, October 10, 2011

itsOH-SO ....BOHO baby!!

Tie Dye
Spell Castaway

Tie Dye
Spell Castaway

Tie Dye

Freedom is just another word

Highway Revisited
Bungalow Daze
Pocahontas Warrior Boots (Long/Cream Leather)

Bungalow Daze

These shots are a collection from my summer inspiration look book....If you like this then you will love-> http://www.spelldesigns.com/


Saturday, October 1, 2011

I WAnt it all!

So..I've been hanging out for this and the wait is finally over!!

I don't want everything , I want everything-Petite Noir from Kent Andreasen on Vimeo.

Petite Noir have released the clip to their hot new track .."I don't want everything, I want everything" the video features One of my favorite bloggers Nicci Bruce and was the creative work of Kent and reason. ENJOy!! I know I will;)